Friday, March 29, 2013

Frederic Mercier - Driving Inspiration

Sorry for the delay in my postings, I was working on a new spaceship that took a little while longer than expected to complete.

Frederic Mercier is another great artists in the Library/Production realm, underdog of labels such as Patchwork, Polydor, Koka, Carrere and many more. Admittedly i know very little about this guy, it appears to me that info on him is a bit elusive. But if you enjoyed the Klaus Weiss entry I put up a little while back, and the Frederik Schikowski, you're bound to enjoy this. There is some other instrumentation in here, so its not just choom-and-zoom space disco. But there are very beautiful synths, and a great style of blending fm and beyond with driving rhythms here that will have you involuntarily bobbing your head. Have a listen and enjoy.

frederic mercier - pacific (carrere 67.242)