Tuesday, July 2, 2013

anthony hobson - an alias indeed

anthony hobson is a name in library music that not too terribly much is known about. mainly because its one of several aliases of trevor bastow, one of bruton music's top dogs and also the man behind unit 9. my guess is that he used the name anthony hobson to release music of a different feel on different labels. this particular offering here is possibly my favorite of what i've heard out of this alias, 1982's 'delta' on the Music DeWolfe label. give this one a spin, tons of great instrumentation, beautiful songs. the rip aint the best but hey, theres your incentive to track down this great record. for you chip heads, this is a great introduction to production music, for fans of chromelodeon, giant claw, etc.

anthony hobson (trevor bastow) - delta (music dewolfe 3483,1982)