Saturday, September 28, 2013

anders helmerson..magnificent technical soundtracks

Sorry for my absence on this blog recently, I have been building a holographic spacesuit and had a few complications with it. This release is pretty breathtaking to be quite honest with you. Anders Helmerson's 'End Of Illusion' is a fave of mine, and maybe one thats far ahead of the time that it was made, 1979.

Anders was a swedish keyboard player who unfortunately didnt have too much output, from what I can find he released only two albums. This is his first, it has a ton of snarl and growl to it, but a TON of really beautiful sections and a ridiculous amount of melody and texture to it. A continuous play through all the songs keeps a great flow with a ton of proggier elements and is a very driving listen. You MUST check this album out. For fans of nastier synths, tricked out drums, and gnarly melody. Have a listen!

Anders Helmerson - End Of Illusion (1979)