Friday, July 25, 2014


Greeting from TSSBAY01. Today I wanted to share this amazing album by James Asher, entitled Flash Music. James was a producer/multiinstrumentalist who wrote for New Southern Library, Rogue, and Bruton among other labels. He was a big deal in the production music world, he had licensed soundtracks to MTV and Studio Four among other places. While 'Flash Music' may be his most experimental and bizarre album, its also the most accessible, so I figured it would be a good idea to let you try this one on for size. Here, have a listen to 'Process Y', a great B-side album favorite.

To not mention that this album is very FM oriented and saturated sounding would be remiss, but theres also some other great synths and the way they mesh together is great. To me, this is very fun and organic electro music, but it's faurky still beat oriented. The kind of thing that will work for both porno or party music. Pets like it too. James has a great sense of melody on this album and the songs arent too long, so they feel very stacked with groove most of all. Recommended for you if you are into Teddy Lasry, Proxyon, Arsenal, Andy Clark,
and Keith Mansfield. So without further ado, heres Flash Music.

James Asher - Flash Music

Thursday, July 10, 2014

birdy is space discoey rock goodness

Hey again. I wanted to lay this album on you because theres some serious things going on here melodywise, beautiful synthesizers and choices of instruments here. But between what you hear in the playing and the beautiful songs on this album, well, it is certainly hard to say what the main goodies even are..but i'll say its gonna stick with you.

Tracks like "Caressed by the Sun" and 'On The Move' have such a great feel, you absolutely get treated to sensibilities that you'd hear in a real verbose NWOBHM metal track, but theres a ton of pop to this. Think simply that _feel_. I guess it's best to say you get those polyharmonic good-feelin chords across many instruments, which is a big plus, but these guys are a lot like Landscape, aka The German YMO, who I will get into another time.

Some songs are certainly spaced-out and driving, some have really nice acoustic guitar driving the songs, but you'd be hard pressed to not be able to compare it to all of the following things: Final Fantasy, The Fucking Champs, Frederik Mercier, Com Truise, Polka Music, Folk Music, Space Music, Krautrock, and IDM Music. Just check it out.

Anyways, this album was recorded by several German doods in 1979 and 1980. Eddy Mueller, Steve Jehring, Wolfgang Jarger, Klaus Meyer, and Dicky Hank on Track 4. They recorded 5 or 6 albums in the 1980s, this happens to by my favorite. Please to enjoy 'On The Move'.[selected_sound_0127,_1980].rar