Monday, October 14, 2013

Production Music Via Juicy Luke

So. This blog update is courtesy of mr Luke Vibert, the man behind IDM aliases such as Wagon Christ, Plug, Amen Andrews as well as other great recordings. He was first known for his work with Jeremy Simmonds as well as Richard D James in the earliest days of Rephlex Records, a seminal IDM label from the UK. You might be familiar with some of his stuff and not even know it, his music's got a very solid consistency to it that is definitely essential listening.

Enough about Juicy Luke though, this blog is an homage to great Library and Production bonzers and you can and will seek his stuff out as well, I command it. Luke happens to be a big fan of synthy/groovy production music, and over the years has released two volumes of 'Nuggets' prior to this, both were pretty important for me personally to get into the stuff in this genre that I dig the most.

This release has some really sledgehammering grooved jams on it, the work by Alan Hawkshaw, Trevor Bastow, Brian Bennet, and Francis Monkman are definitely some tracks from their respective releases that are some of the biggest gems to me, from the song construction as well as the production and presentation. Im fairly familiar with a lot of these songs and their lineage at this point, having spent a lot of time researching over the last few years, and after listening was pretty surprised to see how many of Luke's picks made it onto mix CD's i have made recently, it's quite uncanny.

I present to you Juicy Luke Vibert's third installment of the 'Nuggets' series, I can say with great conviction that there is not a bad song on this release. This is my favorite compilation of the three, and maybe the one with the most experimentation and synth. So if you're into the more driving and whacked out kind of stuff the genre has to offer, have a listen to his choices. Seek out the albums these songs originate from, Discogs can help you a lot with this. Most importantly, help keep this music alive! And dont sleep on Mr. Viberts music too, he, also like Production Music is a cut above. Thanks so much, Juicy Luke.

Luke Vibert - Luke Viberts Nuggets Vol. 3

Luke Vibert - Luke Viberts Nuggets Vol. 3 (Mirror 2 Link)