Thursday, February 21, 2013

subpixel is chiptune and progs best kept secret

subpixel is the musical pseudonym of matt ross of new york. to describe his music is sometimes a stretch to do because he is a musician who truly has a strong understanding of instruments, instrumentation, and implementation, three traits when used together typically builds a musician with a certain je nes se qua that you dont exactly see in all musicians, these days maybe even moreso for a musician that has a manual approach with actual analog instruments as opposed to samples or sample-based music production.

for me, describing his music is as simple as calling it 'essential music', something that fits in my musical collection in the highest regard. you can listen to the music of subpixel again and again and hear a new melody, new drum sound, hell, new sound in general again and again, even after repeated immediate listenings. i urge you to check out his bandcamp and enjoy what he's made for all of us so far. here's my two favorite releases to start you out:

'the wave', this album truly leaves me speechless because of the fact that matt & co cared enough to release a chiptune version as well as a version with full instrumentation, a feat that with the complexity of the music is something i admire highly. hear this incredible piece of music here:

'birthdays', a beautiful tribute to friends, and as he mentions in the liner notes, sometimes belated, but with the beauty of this album, not a lick of effort is spared in these songs. this album also features a kill rendition of 'i only have eyes for you', which you should check out if you're into the older hits. check it out here:

truly sweet genre-breaking music by a great guy. i hope you'll check out some of his work, for you library and production music heads out there, maybe you'll dig it as much as some of those old killer brutons and kpm slabs and see some of the similarities that i do in his music.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Elusive Astral Sounds

what can you say about john saunders that HAS been said yet? its a name you may not recognize, but he was one of the true pioneers of library and production music among the greats such as andy clark and keith mansfield, making his home on the parry music library label.

very little information can be gleaned about the guy on the internet, which is a shame. but in your ears, theres a very signature sound that this guy gives through his projects 'astral sounds', 'patchwork' with other greats such as keith papworth and chris rae on the dewolfe label, and his work on the 'video tech' compilations on pml. i highly recommend you search out some of his music for yourself. dont even bother looking anything up, let your ears do the work. you will know this guys sound when you hear it, as goofy as that sounds. so without further ado, and by request, please enjoy one of his finest works, astral sounds' 'sound waves part 1'.