Sunday, May 24, 2015

simon park dominates the nfl

hi again. blog updates have been slow as i have been hard at work on my own music, so lets get right down to it. today i have 2 delicious albums by simon park, of dewolfe and perhaps more on us shorts, nfl fame. simon was born in 1946, and began playing piano at the age of 5. he was perhaps best known for 'eye level', written for the detective thriller 'van der valk', which spent 4 weeks at the #1 position in the uk singles charts in sept of 1973. he went on to write at 15 or more albums in the 1980's for imprints such as dewolfe and rogue as well as many segments from nfl montages over the years. as you can hear, the titletrack from 'knock onward' is lush and full of synthy driving goodness.

heres two releases by simon park to make up for lost time, enjoy!

simon park - knock onward (dewolfe 3453)

simon park - high climber (dewolfe 3481)