Friday, December 5, 2014


hey there, im super sorry i keep forgetting to update the blog. hopefully the QUALITY of what im offering up and the history supercedes any QUANTITY, hehe. i want to share a beautiful album by jean pierre decerf and myriam chadcar, its called synthetic music. some of the tracks have a great holiday feel so i thought to share. have a listen and see for yourself!

super lush melodies here from jp decerf, ive got a dozen or so albums by him and this definitely is one of the albums i prefer more. just have a listen and see if tracks like rythmic and thematic dont do something for you. very nice layering of synth sounds on this, but the rhythms definitely arent to be scoffed at. i think this album even now is very ahead of its time. maybe you'll agree. enjoy.

jp decerf & myriam chadcar - synthetic music