Saturday, June 6, 2015

a hobson reprised

hey again, back for a quick blog update for you guys. i wanted to share this anthony hobson before i forget. maybe if i make these updates quicker and shorter ill remember to do em more often, heh!

as some of you who follow my blog know, i love the anthony hobson moniker, and ive got a soft spot for dewolfe all around. this album has a very balanced feel thats both rockin and groovin, but also retains a lot of orchestral elements. it claims to be 'for sport and action' on the back cover, and i'd say thats certainly accurate, but theres some great synthwork on this album with nice brass that will tinker with the back of your neck for sure. theres even some great guitar that ties all of the elements to this release together and makes a very cohesive release. its a cut above in both the arrangement and production and certainly worth hearing. have a listen to the first cut.

track 4 is missing from this rip, my apologies for that. but i think you'll see that this one is definitely worth sharing, and i hope you dig it! heres 'meet the future' by anthony hobson, enjoy!

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